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Hello, thank you for stopping by at TextyCafe.com. Do you want to submit a design freebie for our readers? We would love to have a look at your resource!

# We Prefer Unique and Commercially free to Use Freebies:

If you didn’t publish this freebie anywhere else already, your freebie will get a preference. And it must be available for 100% free to use both personally and commercially

# Types of Freebies We Would Love to Publish:

  • Fonts
  • Mockup Templates
  • Banner Templates
  • Logo Templates
  • Background patterns and textures
  • Website PSD Templates
  • Any Print Templates (flyers, folder, menu, resume, proposal template, brochures etc.)
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Vector Graphics
  • Social Media Graphics

And we are open to new ideas.

# What You Will Get:

A single link back to your portfolio / website / design shop / Social media profile. Also a pretty good exposure of your skills to our audience and social media followers.

# How To Submit a Design Freebie:

  1. Please write a title and a little description about your design resource. Why it’s awesome, how people will benefit from this, the features it contains, file dimensions etc.
  2. Include a direct download link from where we can check out the freebie.
  3. Some preview images.
  4. Your name.
  5. A single link where you want the credit back.

** Please note that we don’t guarantee the publishing of the freebie on our site, in that case have patience and try again later! 

    For any further inquiries, feel free to contact us here.