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10 iphone Hand Mockup with Holding iphone in Hands


iphone hand mockup collection

This is a collection of iphone hand mockup psd templates. To give your product showcase an interactive feel with pics of human hands holding the iphone, this collection tries to save some of your time.

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1. 6 iphone hand mockup

Create enhanced presentation of your responsive website or app with this nice iphone hand mockup. This real photo mockup is created by show it better design shop.

iphone hand mockup


2. Holding iPhone 6S Plus Office Mockup

Easily promote your user interface design and products with this holding iphone mockup. Features includes –  left and right man and woman hand, four different color combination, eight different photo effects, 4 device position etc. Created by  RSplaneta. Easily move, change, turn or delete the hands.

Holding iPhone 6S Plus Office Mockup


3. 6-Pack hand iphone mockup

A mockup pack with 6 variations would great for showcasing your stuff  in a real environment. Simply drag your screenshot element into the template and save the smart object – and you got your mockup.

 6-Pack hand iphone mockup


4. 6x iPhone 6 in hand (Studio)

Created by design hop  Mockuuups, this is a nice pack of customizable iphone 6 mockup hand templates with many color choice and both male and female hands. Includes editable backgrounds with high resolution photos.

6x iPhone 6 in hand (Studio)


5. Real Photo iPhone in hands  Mock-Up Set

This is a very well designed iphone mockup hand set which includes 3 iPhone real environment presentations, 3500×2335 pixel resolution in 300 dpi quality, illustrated user manual, 4 iPhone presentations with changeable background (three color variation) and organized layers and folders. Created by premium design shop  Mockup Cloud.

Real Photo iPhone in hands Mock-Up Set


6. 12 iPhone 6/6s hand Real Photo Mockups

These fresh photo mockups created by  ZedProMedia, an awesome iphone hand mockup set to show off your designs, responsive websites, products or visual advertisements. This pack includes 5000x3000px resolution pics with smart Object screens. Very beautifully photographed male hands and female hands in landscape and portrait orientation. Easily use real resolution from your screen shots to make the final result marvelous.

12 iPhone 6/6s hand Real Photo Mockups


7. Holding iphone mockup in London “A”

This premium photo realistic holding iphone mockup is created by  Mocup, mocup.com. Features- Screen size (smart object): 750×1334 px, High quality and resolution, Dimensions: 3088×2056 px. Present your visual ad or apps in the streets of london on a screen of a iphone in human hands.

Holding iphone mockup in London "A"


8. Phone 6 mockup hand/ Android Mockup Pointing

A great mockup with image of female hand holding iPhone 6/6Plus/Android in Front view created by  LazyCrazy design house. Feature includes- Pointing hands, Black & White iPhones images, SmartObject screen, Cut out background and so on. Check oiut the source page for detailed guide on how to use it.

Phone 6 mockup hand/ Android Mockup Pointing


9. Hand With iPhone Mockup PSD 02

Another nice creation from LazyCrazy shop.

Hand With iPhone Mockup PSD 02


10. Hand iphone 6 mockup

A simple iphone mockup hand with superb photo resolution (2600×1733). Easily edit and create your “phone in hand” illustration for apps, ads or products.

Hand iphone 6 mockup


11. XMAS background  iphone mockup hand

And interesting design with XMAS in mind, create your illustration with festive mood.

 XMAS background iphone mockup hand


12. Christmas hand iphone mockup

Another Christmas themed hand iphone mockup to showcase your apps or design illustrations in a festive mood. To celebrate the season with your audience/customers/friends this could help to add a different flavor on your visual presentation of stuff. Includes Layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD files. 21 Actions with easy to change options.

 Christmas hand iphone mockup


13. Holding iphone park bench background mockup

Created by  Fomochkin’s Shop, includes smart objects along with 5760×3840 resolution pics.

Holding iphone park bench background mockup


14. Wooden floor background hand iphone mockup

Wooden floor bacgground hand iphone mockup



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