Alienware ALW14-1870sLV best gaming laptop for 1500 bucks

Check out best gaming laptop under 1500 dollars

Lots of factors come into play when choosing a gaming laptop. Though you have to consider all this factor the real benchmark factor is the budget available. Once you have a figure in mind all you need is to find different specs combination which will best work to meet your gaming ambition. This may sound easy but with manufactures using complicated term e.g. sealed liquid CPU cooler, you are bond to get confused. The following laptops includes the best gaming laptops less than 1500, they are gaming oriented

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1. Asus G750JS-RS71

best gaming laptop under 1500 dollars 2015Asus G750JS-RS71 has been specifically designed to meet all your gaming ambitions – which you can grab under your 1500 budget. Fitted with a 17.3 Full HD screen and 3 GB NVDIA GTX 870 graphics, you will definitely enjoy gaming on this laptop. It has a powerful 4th generation Intel Core i7-4700HQ 2.4GHZ processor and a 16GB DDR3 ram, it can handle any advanced multimedia and gaming is slimmer compared to previous G series model making it more portable. It has Maxx audio support and inbuilt woofer to make sound quality more has a storage capacity of 1Tb to cater for all your storage purposes. This makes it feature on the best laptops under 1500 dollars.

2. Asus G750JX

Asus G750JX best gaming laptops under 1500 It is a gaming laptop under 1000.The gaming performance of this laptop is top notch, powered by 4th generation Intel core 17-4700HQ Haswell 2.4GHZ and a 16 GB Ram, your gaming experience will be on another level. It is fitted with a 17.3 FHD LED screen with a resolution of 1920* 1080 supported by Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 with a 3 GB memory, this grantees you only clear and high quality visuals. It has a storage capacity of 750 and comes with pre-installed windows 8 to enhance its effectiveness.

3. MSI GE70 APACHE PRO-681;9S7-175912-681

MSI GE70 APACHE PRO-681;9S7-175912-681 gaming laptops under 1500Fitted with the fourth generation 17-4720HQ 3.6 processor you will enjoy increased performance in comparison to previous generations. It has the powerful GeForce GTX 960M which has a 2 GB memory. Its screen size is 17.3 which is full HD with an anti-reflective ability. It has a RAM of 12 GB and a large storage capacity of has been fitted with a steelseriec programmable full color backlit keyboard to enhance your gaming performance – a good one within 1500 range.

4. Razer Blade RZ09-01161E31-R3U1

Razer Blade RZ09-01161E31-R3U1 gaming laptops under 1500As its name would suggest it is a very slim laptop fitted with insanely powerful performance and high screen resolution to make your gaming enjoyable anytime and anywhere. It has Intel Core i7-4702HQ 2.2  (base/turbo) processor and an eight GB RAM. It is fitted with the powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M with a 3 GB memory capacity. Though the screen size is only 14.0 inches, it has a resolution of 3200*1800 and also screen is fully QHD. It has a memory capacity of is among the best gaming laptops under 1500


ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71 for gaming within 1500 bucksMobility and powerful performance are the main qualities to describe this Asus laptop. It has a quad-core Intel core 17-4720HQ processor and a 16 GB RAM. It has the latest NVIDIA Maxwell architecture GeForce GTX 960M with a memory of 2 GB.Fitted with a 15.6-inch Full HD display alongside an advanced cooling system, you will enjoy your games at 1080p with no worries of  heating. It has a 1 TB storage capacity to cater for all your gaming needs.

6. MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012

MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 under 1500Armed with a sleek and stylish exterior, it power inside in on different has Intel’s 4th generation core i7-4700HQ quad-core processor and a 12 GB RAM, to make your gaming smooth. This MSI Laptop has the powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics with a memory capacity of 2 GB.The screen size is 17.3 which is full HD Anti-Reflective display with a high resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. It is fitted with a 1 TB HDD to cater for all your storage requirements. It is fitted with a word-class Dynaudio premium speakers and a full color backlit keyboard designed by steel series.


ASUS GL771JMFeatured among the best gaming laptop is Asus GL771JM.This is a 17.3 inch screen laptop featured with all specs to make your gaming experience worthy while. It has a quad-core i7-4710HQ with a turbo boast of up to 3.5GHZ.It has a powerful and efficient NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics chip which has a memory of 2 GB. It has been engineered with a rapid cooling which even after long gaming’s grantees to keep your fan quite. It has a 1 TB storage capacity and a 12 GB RAM. The battery can support gaming for 3-5 hours. This laptop can only be described as going beyond high performance specs to experiencing high quality design and versatility which is necessary for your modern gaming experience.

8. ASUS N550JK-DB74T

ASUS N550JK-DB74T best gaming laptop under 1500It combines cutting edge visual and audio technology to deliver quality multimedia gaming experience. It is fitted with a full HD IPS touchscreen display and NVIDIA GTX850M graphics which has a 2GB memory. This will cater for high quality visual display .it has Sonic Master premium speakers which have been core developed with Bang & Olufsen ICE power audio expert to only grantee you quality sound. It has a modern minimalist design comprised of aluminum exterior and slim body. It has been fitted with dual fans twin heat pipes and also large vents that grantees low temperature when gaming. It has a powerful i7-4710HQ 2.5 GHZ processor with a turbo boast of up to 3.5 GHZ.

9. Alienware ALW14-1870sLV

Alienware ALW14-1870sLV best gaming laptop for 1500 bucksAlienware ALW14-1870sLV is another awesome and one of the best gaming laptop under 1500 buck range.

10. MSI GP60 LEOPARD-009

MSI GP60 LEOPARD-009 under 1500 gaming pcIt features the latest Intel core i7 processor and 8 GB RAM to improve it functionality. It has the powerful NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 which extract every inch of power for only breathtaking swiftly switches between NVDIA GPU and low powered integrated graphics when you are not gaming. Enjoy flawless gaming with extreme anti-ghosting which allows simultaneous key press and rapid response times. It has a matrix multi-display which transforms your gaming space to an ultimate multimedia center with matrix display. It is unbelievable that it is a gaming laptop under 1500.

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