best task manager for android task killers

best task manager for android task killersMost previous models of phones had no task manager; this meant that when you had an app open it remained open in the background without pretty much option to close it rather than restarting your phone. Having lots of apps open basically fills your RAM making your phone to function in a slower manner. Currently there are a variety of third party Task manager for our android devices. These task managers help us to monitor open apps and the use of the ram. This importance of appropriate task managers can never be over emphasized. This article will basically feature some of the best task manager for your android device.

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Task Killers or Best task managers for android

Smart Task Manger Pro (STM Pro)

Smart Task Manager Pro for android
Smart Task Manager Pro

This is an overall system application. Rather than being entirely a task manager it has a variety functions concerning:application management ,backup, information (progress bar) ;device information ,RAM information, and CPU information and lastly the Apps setting-volume control ,wireless network ,my location ,scree brightness among others. Using a variety of shortcuts on your main screen, you will easily access this program. The widget allows you to see a variety of relevant details about the current state of the phone e.g. current RAM VS used RAM.

Amazing features of this Task Manager

  • Ability to display real-time process list
  • Has a multi-select and also a command support to cater for any complications
  • By just holding on a specific item the manage menu will automatically appear
  • It has a list of services, empty application and background applications.
  • Some of the service process includes: hidden services and also current running process
  • Any applications running in the background can be safely ended using this task manager
  • Displays used memory information when the settings are enabled to the relevant view mode.

Advanced Task Killer

android Advanced Task Killer
Advanced Task Killer

This is commonly known as ATK. It is an application used to kill running applications and boost the overall phone memory. Mostly it is used to kill app and clean the memory. The use of this app is very simple; just check on the running apps which you wish to kill and press on the kill button. You can easily set your default action by long pressing on the app and going to setting. A pop-up menu will show up and a list of the default activities you intend to carry out will be displayed. Though this task manager does not directly help conserve the battery, it will enable you to kill some of the applications which were consuming large voltages of the battery.

Amazing features of this Task Manager

  • Has an ignore list which you can use to ignore some of the apps which you don’t wish to kill
  • Has an auto kill feature which will kill the app depending on the set time
  • Has a one tap widget which boast convenience in terms of accessibility of the app
  • Has a customize item height

SystemPanelLite Task Manager

android SystemPanelLite Task Manager
SystemPanelLite Task Manager

This is app which integrates a task manager, detailed information concerning the devices and system monitor. This app has a free version a paid for version. The paid for version includes: installer/uninstaller and a version of APK archival and also a long term application resource monitor which helps in solving app-related challenges including battery life problem among others.

Amazing features

  • Has a variety of indicators which displays the current status of the RAM and CPU. e.g. a ‘grayed out’ is an indication your second core is asleep ,this is specifically to save you battery
  • Has a permission request so that it only kills on the apps which you have approved
  • It saves the battery; this app does not run in the background. The full version usually includes an optimal monitoring service which only uses one minute of CPU per day to record the various usage of the CPU.
  • Displays app which are misbehaving, running in the background among others.

Go cleaner & task Manager

android Go cleaner & task Manager
Go cleaner & task Manager

This is a very appropriate tool which has been designed to monitor, kill, free memory, clean cache and speed up you phone. This app will make your phone faster and more secure. It has a very simple platform which is very convenient. It will show all the apps running in the background with only one click you can kill an app. This app has both the free version and the pro version

Amazing features of the free version

  • With only one click, you can kill a variety of task and free up memory
  • You have the ability to delete private records. This is for you online and offline activities
  • You can easily clean up cache memory to speed up your phone
  • It has an APK rubbish for saving relevant information, this can be cleared to create more space

Amazing features for the pro version

  • With only one click, you can clear all system trash
  • It helps in conserving the battery

Watchdog task manager

android Watchdog task manager
Watchdog task manager

This task manager will aid you in not killing apps randomly but carefully monitoring them and deciding if you should kill them. This app will ensure that apps are not consuming sufficient RAM to make your device slower. This app will alert you when an app loses control, it will advise you to kill it.This app is constantly being updated to only include very latest features.

Amazing features

  • Has no ads
  • Has a blacklist feature ,which will monitor some apps which have been placed in this category
  • Immediate kill of apps
  • Conserves your battery

ES Task Manager(Task Killer)

android ES Task Manager(Task Killer)
ES Task Manager(Task Killer)

This is an app which has a variety of uses, this includes: file manager, task killer, application manager, FTP client to explore your phone and drop box client. This app enables android users to manage their resource on a free manner.

Amazing features

  • It will speed up your device ,save battery ,give you more space and free up memory
  • Has the ability to swap out all unnecessary process and also clear up the cache
  • Has an automatic cleanup which can be set on the basis of time
  • Has an exclusion list which helps you to add important application
  • Has Annex features which help in automatic closing of application

This list has reviewed some of the top rated and best task manager for android, got something to add to the list? Let us know!

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