Graphic Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you are a graphic designer who is also a regular Instagram user, it won’t hurt to follow some graphic designers who are sharing fresh design ideas and innovative contents. It might even inspire you to experiment with your projects, drive you to do more with different perspectives.

Instagram is not a “food and selfie” social network only, not anymore. Now you will find all sorts of people and creative agencies working independently or in collaborative manner, to bring their creative ideas in front of their followers. There are so many talented graphic designers on Instagram, regularly sharing their beautiful designs to celebrate and inspire. To welcome constructive criticism and spread the creative vibe.

We have randomly picked some great design related accounts that you can follow on Instagram. Get the latest design trends ideas and food for thought on which you can doodle.

Steven Harrington – @s_harrington

Graphic Designers To Follow on Instagram Steven Harrington – @s_harrington

Joshua Noom – @joshuanoom

Joshua Noom – @joshuanoom

Rodrigo Corral – @rodrigocorral_

Rodrigo Corral – @rodrigocorral_

June Digan – @junedigann

June Digan – @junedigann

More Ideas:

You can find more like these, simply search using related tags like #graphicdesign, #art, #designer, #logodesign, #Photoshop, #Illustrator etc. and you will discover many more Graphic designers to follow and more recent works.

Here are some stuff that a designer can do for their Instagram presence and make more benefits out of this social network:

Instagram profile gives an option to write a bio. You can also include a link there. A graphic designer should us this properly. Write a bio as much clear and specific as possible to let your followers know a bit about you. Also include the most important link on the bio- it could be the link to your main portfolio or any other places where you want your followers to go and check out. You can even use a link to get the insight who clicked your link from your profile.

When posting your graphic design and other project images, you should always try to use proper hash tags and descriptions or captions. This will help you to be discovered by more people in your niche. Specially including trending and related tags will give you more visibility.

To get more specific insights of your account, you can switch to business account from personal one. To switch simply go to your account settings and switch to business account. There are many benefits that you will enjoy as a graphic designer if you use a business account. For an example, you can add a “Contact” button on your profile after you make the conversion.

Don’t take your profile granted, i mean you can look at your profile feed as a showcase of your portfolio. As a designer, you can arrange and post in a way for that your probable clients can look at it to get a sense of your skill and works. You can use Instagram mockup templates to see how your contents look before going live!

If you are into videos, you should definitely post videos and stories often. Show of your working environment or the working process you go through. Interactive and intimate videos and Instagram stories will keep your followers and clients engaged.

You should engage with your followers too, whenever possible. It will inspire them to come and interact with your content more often. Also if engage in other posts from different account, it will drive some followers and visitors to your profile and portfolio.

Hope you liked our Instagram inspiration article. Please let us know in the comments bellow if you think we should add something to this!


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