Teamworks provides a powerful collaboration platform that connects the departments in your organization to allow them a common way to communicate and share information.

Teamworks provides a powerful collaboration platform that connects the departments in your organization to allow them a common way to communicate and share information.

In what is being considered a bold and daring move by the Detroit Lions, industry leader Teamworks, which specializes in supplying athletic organizations and institutions with mobile communication and collaboration software has joined hands with the Football operations section of the Detroit Lions. The company is now responsible for streamlining the club’s schedules, communication, itinerary, and management of player information. In today’s age of real-time information backed by cutting edge technology, the Lions have now become a part of an ever-increasing number of NFL teams to partner up with Teamworks’ technological solutions in order and in the process upgrade their own internal communication system and overall organization and reset the NFL lines.

Jim Caldwell, leading coach for the Lions, had good words for the partnership, adding how it was essential for all NFL teams to find ways in which they can maximize their efficiency – both on the field and off it. With Teamworks taking over our football communications and operations responsibilities, coaches, players as well as our staff can all stay up-to-date at real time, since they will have any and every piece of information available to them in real time. He further added that working with the company has helped them save time enhance the quality of their football operation.

After establishing itself as the primary resource for athletic programs on the collegiate level, Teamworks, which had gained a reputation for providing efficient medium of communication as well as effective operations, ventured into the professional sports arena, which has increasingly been moving towards the digital platforms. By allowing players, staff and coaches to communicate with each other on a large scale at real time via a variety of medium (from emails, texts, push or voice notifications, reminders, wake up calls etc). Additionally, they will be able to use a secure channel to view team schedules, access essential documents, file and complete forms, among others from the comfort of their mobile phones.

Zach Maurides, founder of the company, said that the functions of Teamworks’ software goes far beyond the organization of the information of a team – they enhance the process of delivering information is delivered coaches and players alike, allowing the communication system in the organization to be more fluid, and thereby effective. He added that Teamworks is more than happy to help out the Lions do their work better, since they realize that operating a system of the scale of an NFL team is tedious – to say the least – that includes the management of various parts, and hundreds of individuals while keeping the mission in focus.

With graduate level student-athletes joining the NFL teams, the staff, along with the coaches and front office are looking forward to incorporate in their system the software that is currently being used by the players – which is where Teamworks comes in. Working with almost 80% of Power organizations and over seventy-five Subdivision programs in the Football Bowl, the company recently partnered up with NFLPA in its bid to improve the accuracy and efficiency of internal communications.


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