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laptop screen replacement from has been in business for over a decade, we have over 30 thousand happy customer reviews on-line, a massive video tutorials library and an efficient support department!

We provide replacement LCDs for a variety of devices – one of the biggest databases of screen specifications and laptop names and models on the Internet.

We also have tools, LCD cables, cleaners and more..

laptop screen replacement store

Fast world-wide shipping, the same business day!

laptop screen repair with fast delivery

Having a screen = having a laptop. We understand how important it is for our customers to have their computer fixed ASAP.

All our orders are dispatched with tracking numbers, and we always try to ship the same day – provided that the order comes in by 1pm Pacific time on a business day.

Read more about how easily you can track your parcel here.

 Safe choice of an LCD supplier!


No need to worry – even if you made a mistake during your order, our support department will help you to find the correct replacement for your laptop and will pay for your return costs of the unneeded screen!

Our customers have come to reply on our precision and efficiency when it comes to their LCD replacement – our products are backed by our free returns guarantee.

Read more about our return policy here.

Affordable prices to start, great discounts to continue!

discount on laptop replacement screens

Great prices are important to our customers, and our customers are the smartest people on earth – after-all they choose to buy from us over and over again!

Buying just one item from us gets you a discount on your next purchases permanently.

Read more about our special rates and discounts here.

Replace your LCD’s – it’s much better for the environment than buying a new computer instead!


Using complex calculations from industry leaders like Apple we have estimated the carbon impact of LCD replacement – and it is simply astounding!

Fixing is better than replacing for many reasons, and the environment is not the lesser one of them.
Read more about replacing LCD’s here.

Last but not least, please feel free to throw in any question or comment about your laptop screen at or in the comment section below!


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