What is the purpose of mood boards?

What is the purpose of mood boards? If you are new to this topic then you might be asking yourself this question. In this post we will be discussing the purpose of mood boards, also known as inspiration board or mood wall.

First of all, it’s purpose’s can be defined as endless! That’s right, there are countless possibilities of what you can achieve through creating and using one. It can be a physical one with boards, printed images, paper cuts and other objects on your wall or desktop. And it can be also something that you design, create and use digitally.

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What is the purpose of mood boards?

The Purpose Of Mood Boards:

Mood boards help to outline the basics of a project. It can be something that you are already working on, or something that you are going to start. Usually, at the beginning, we have some scattered ideas about what are we going to do. For an example, we want to design a website’s front page. The site will be selling graphic design assets. Say we have some great illustrations in mind that we think would be a good idea to use on the front page of the website. Also we thought of some logos, footer contents and promotional texts. Now if we just create a mood board, either digitally or physically, and put our ideas visually on it, it helps us looking at the whole scenario in a quick and easy manner. Also it’s fun doodling and arranging all the random pieces.

If you are working solo a mood wall always helps. And if you are working with a team or with your clients the purpose of a mood board just gets more meaningful! To achieve that neat design or tight planning for your project, an inspiration board makes it easier to collaborate with co-workers or clients. It helps to communicate the ideas in creative ways better with everybody, leaving a lot of room for improvisation and re-arranged improvement. Since it’s easy to take the elements out or add more, it becomes easy to pour in contributions.

They can save a lot of your precious time. While you create a library of elements, images and patterns through a mood wall, it becomes easy for you to sort things out more quickly by time.

The awesome thing a mood board is not limited to some specific elements. You can use almost anything to make it work for you. Find and make a collage of all sorts of different resources, get creative. For an example, let’s say we are designing a new creative niche website. We would use our preferred color pallets, magazine or paper cuts that inspire ideas or give motivation, different shapes, any photographs or paintings or related images that stimulates the brain, various typography styles, video blocks, graphic charts and what not. So it’s a good thing, the flexibility that a mood board provides while thinking about the board’s making/showcasing elements.

So in short, a mood board’s purpose is to inspire and manage ideas. It helps you in the process of brain storming, kind of gives you the head start in a relaxed and easy manner. Makes it easy to go back and arrange/re-arrange things quickly. Works as a very good medium/tool for collaborative workflows.

There are a lot of nice resources which you can use to create your inspiration block digitally. We have published a collection of cool mood board mockup PSD templates which you can use to create your mood board mockups in style.


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