20 Vintage Film Lightroom Presets

A nice collection of Vintage Lightroom Presets to create vintage effects

Lightroom was made by photographic artists, for picture takers. Check out these awesome lightroom vintage presets to process your photos with a retro effect and make a gorgeous en result.

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1. 20 Vintage Lightroom Presets Vol.1

A big collection from Lookfilter.com – you can take your pictures back in time and include a few styles from long gone periods when photography was still ridiculously simple. Pick between 20 diverse Vintage Presets all included in Vintage Vol.1 to assist you creating diversified vintage looks without any complexity.

20 Vintage Lightroom Presets Vol.1


2. Vintage Lightroom Presets

Figure out how to arrange your photographs by making another inventory and importing the example photographs. Remember to click the Get documents catch to download the example records to your desktop – works with both lr 5 and 4 . Here you will get the set of 12 lightroom 5 vintage presets collection from blush to washed (also Antique Film, Vintage Morning, Photo Booth and more)! Feel free to Give it a try. Brought to you by Prixel Creative.

Vintage Lightroom Presets


3. Vintage Lightroom Presets From Shutter Pulse

Looking for some awesome lightroom vintage presets collection? Here is one cool pack from Shutter Pulse- 30 Lightroom presets for applying vintage and retro impacts to your photographs effectively. The set incorporates a mixture of distinctive sorts of vintage impacts, issuing you a substantial gathering of impacts available to you.

Vintage Lightroom Presets From Shutter Pulse


4. Six LR Presets Vintage Food Photos

The Beautiful collection of Food Presets is a current tackle old film cams created by Jana Mänz Photography. Blending a little vintage with somewhat cutting edge, this gathering brings an extraordinary style to every nourishment photograph. These Lightroom presets vintage effects are perfect with Lightroom 5. The majority of these lightroom 5 vintage presets in this group are perfect with RAW and JPEGs. Every Lightroom preset has been created with consideration to look incredible with a wide variety of pictures.

Six LR Presets Vintage Food Photos


5. Retro Lightroom Presets from Presetual

Here we accompany an accumulation of Retro & Vintage Lightroom presets from Presetual that quickly gives your photographs a matured look. The term retro has been around since the 1970’s to portray an assortment of distinctive tones of the past. RetroSpec is similar to having a time machine that immediately gives your photographs a relic look and feel without owning a huge amount of lavish vintage gear. These lightroom 5 vintage presets from Presetual are also compatible with lr 4.

Retro Lightroom Presets from Presetual


6. Ten Modern Vintage Lightroom Presets

Super cool ten Lr Presets for your motivation – these modern vintage Professional Lightroom Presets for Photographers and Designers are created by creative market design shop JKPHOTO. These 10 collections will make delicate vintage blur shading and monochrome impact searches for your photographs. This presets look incredible with a wide mixed bag of pictures. You will get an extraordinary result.

Ten Modern Vintage Lightroom Presets for lightroom 5


7. Easter Vintage LR Preset Bundle

The Beautiful Easter Vintage Presets Collection is an advanced tackle old film cams which includes 10 in the bundle. Created by Jana Mänz Photography – these have been crafted with care to work smoothly with a wide variety of pictures.

Easter lightroom vintage presets


8. Very Vintage Vol. 1

Save your time! Vintage impacts are the absolute most well known among picture takers and their customers, so it is vital to have a couple of presets in your accumulation. These 10 Lightroom presets from creative market design shop Shutter Sweets will change your photographs with a bona fide look.

Very Vintage Vol. 1 lightroom vintage presets


9. 441 All Presets Collection

This is a wonderful accumulation to Accelerate your work process not only with the vintage effects – but also with other styles which you can make use of all the time! These vintage presets made by design shop Pastel Presets work best under an appropriately uncovered and white adjusted photograph. You can test it with an assortment of photographs.

441 All Presets Collection vintage


10. 20 Vintage Film Lightroom Presets

It is a collection of 20 awesome Presets style by Symufa for your day by day vintage and old photography impact! Super easy to use. It will speed up your work process.

20 Vintage Film Lightroom Presets


These lightroom presets are a tribute to the style and specialty of the colossal bosses of photography’s modern and a particular repeat of the alleged antiquated look. Feel free to collect and Use these to take your pictures to the next level.

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