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ZbigZ | More Websites Like ZbigZ And How To Download

What is ZbigZ?

ZbigZ is a gateway between BitTorrent network –(massive data storage) and you. It is an online tool that does not require any software installations.It supports its storage meaning you can store you file any digital content there. ZbigZ has gained popularity over the years due to its various features that make it stand out above other software. With the use of ZbigZ, you are in a position to download torrent files by using internet download manager or even directly by using your browser.

Websites like ZbigZ / Alternatives:

Zbigz is the best tool for downloading torrents due to its incredible features. These include high speed, personal accounts, resume capabilities and less complexity. It is always recommendable zbigz while downloading torrents, but sometimes the servers might be down, or you may experience other related problems. Though they are rare, it is always recommendable that you have alternatives to Zbigz. There are a variety of ZbigZ alternatives that can be used. Since Zbigz is an incredible tool with amazing features, it is only appropriate if these alternatives are the very best option with functions that match or are competing to ZbigZ. The following include some of the best alternatives to ZbigZ:


1 ZbigZ websites like zbigz

This is a great alternative to ZbigZ. It is usually free and will offer you incredible speed. Despite that it is free there is also a premium version that requires an individual payment for you to access it. The best aspect about the Bytebx premium is that it has no restriction concerning downloading speed limitation. You will enjoy incredible speeds using this tool. With the free version, you will get speeds of more than 5 MBPS, and this implies that with the premium version, you will get higher speeds. ByteBX gives you about 100GB of bandwidth; this is for the premium users who have purchased 100 packages. ByteBX also has a very nice user interface; this enables you to download your torrent file without much hassle. When you are downloading your torrents, you either upload .torrent to the site or you just paste the magnetic link to the ByteBX. The site will cache your torrent and download the relevant files to your personal account. Within a few minutes, you will be provided with a direct link. From here you can either use Internet Download Manager or Down the mall Firefox for tweaking your download speed. ByteBX is usually considered more powerful than ZbigZ. The main reason behind this is speed and fewer restrictions. For a new registered user, you will be given about 20 GB of online storage. This is for members who are using free accounts. They also get the chance to download files that are 2.5 GB bigger than ZbigZ. ByteBX is currently giving an opportunity to win a14-daypremium service if you refer a friend. After 50 users signs up using your referral link, you will get a premium service coupon that is valid for 14 days. The final advantage of using ByteBX is it’s responsive layout that can be used by PC, Mac, IPhones and Android.


2 zbigz similar

This is a new cloud storage services that will give you the ability to download files from over 85 file hosting services. With this tool, you are in a position to download torrent files,videos, movies and so much more. The main advantage of this tool over ZbigZ is the fact that there is minimal or zero restrictions concerning download of large files. This tool offers a very simple way of downloading your torrents; you just need to copy and paste the URL of the file which you wish to download to the putdrive site. This file will be downloaded to your putdrive account. From this account, you can easily download it with your download manager. This tool offers you a complete anonymous identity when you are downloading your files. This is very similar to ZbigZ. You will not have to care about people knowing what you are downloading and what you are downloading. The most significant feature of putdrive is that it will allow you to download torrent files without any problem. You will quickly download your torrents by use of a torrent link, magnetic link or by use of a torrent file. You can also use the URL where the torrent magnetic has been hosted. Use of Putdrive includes a simple procedure of joining and using it. These include registering yourself as a free member,login to your account and create a put file tab, from here just paste the torrent URL or the magnetic link, then click on start putting. Just wait for a couple of minutes until your files get downloaded on your putdrive account, from here you can easily download these file with the use of your download manager. It is worthy to note that putdrive is currently offering about 100 GB for a trial purpose. This is valid for 45 days. It is only available to new members who are joining putdrive. You will enjoy this incredible storage capacity alongside downloading without speed restriction. After 100 GB have been completely used up, your storage will be limited to about 2GB. You should not worry about this since if you need to download larger files you can quickly make another account and continue downloading.


3 zbigz like sites

This is one of the best similar websites like ZbigZ . It has great download speed and a quality server that’s similar to that of ZbigZ. With this tool, you are in a position of downloading more than 1 GB of torrent files. You will enjoy super speed when you are downloading with Filestream. With this tool, you will also be able to cache your torrents within a short period and download your files by using it.This makes it cache and downloading efficiency entirely satisfactory. Apart from your regular video links, you can quickly copy magnet links and paste them to the filestream. They will typically download as usual torrents would. Filestream also has an encrypted connection; this means that your privacy will be catered for. Nobody will know what you are downloading and when you are downloading. This tool has two accounts. This is similar to the ZbigZ ones. This includes premium and free accounts. The premium packages start at about $2 .With a premium account; you will be able to download bigger torrents—in terms of size, and you will not face any downtime. Whenever you buy a bulk premium purchase for up to 12 months, you will get about 20% discounts. With such a discount and the cheap pricing of Filestream, most of us can afford the premium accounts, premium accounts are proven to be always better than the free ones, but the best thing with Filestream is that it does not throttle your speed despite which account you are using. Another incredible feature about Filestream is the fact that it allows downloading from a variety of file sharing sites. This includes netload, 4shared, and rapidgator among others. It will provide a direct download to large torrents. This gives you the ability to download this torrents with your internet download manager (IDM). You can also stream your favorite music and movies from Android mobile, and this means that you don’t necessarily have to store this videos on your computer. The free version supports speeds of about 10 MBPS but with the premium version you will experience higher rates.


4 ZbigZ alternatives

This is another incredible way of downloading torrents. It is a very appropriate alternative to Zbigz. With this tool, you are in a position of enjoying a very responsive interface. This interface allows you to access your account by using a PC, tablet or a mobile device. Easily download your torrent files using your Android devices, iPhone, and Windows Phone among others. The procedure is quite easy, and you will enjoy using this platform. This tool gives you a blazing fast downloading speed; it has a 100% Secure connection to your torrents and has resume support ability. QuickTorrent.io offers you complete privacy so that no one can trace your activity. Thanks to the QuickTorrent’s fabulous Dashboard, which is available for every user. To download your files using this tool, you will have to follow a very simple procedure; just paste your magnetic link or .torrent file lying on the QuickTorrent dashboard. Within a couple of minutes, your file will be ready and you can now download it using your download manager, or you can download it directly by using your download manager. QuickTorrent also provides both premium and free account option. The best aspect about it is that the premium account is very cheap when you compare it with the ZbigZ account. With a premium account, you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth with unlimited speeds. For big torrents, you can pay around $1.49 per week. You can also pay for the 12-month package, it retails at about $23.99. With this tool, you will enjoy incredible speeds, and you will not have to worry about leechers and seeders anymore.


5 alternative to Zbigz torrent downloader

Another one in this list of ZbigZ like sites. Furk.net will provide you with a great service for torrent caching and downloading. Before using this tool, you will first of all need to register. Registration is usually free, but you will be required to provide an invitation code for you to be in a position of proceeding. For Facebook users, invitation codes are not necessary. For a new member when you have opened the Furk.net site you should click on the Facebook icon on the page. You will be needed to enter your Facebook credentials and after this you will fill in the login formalities. You will be taken to the Furk Facebook page. From here you should click on register. After registration, you should be able to see your Furk account. Click on My file tab, from here you will either put the direct remote URL or upload your local torrent file. This is by choosing the file in the second option. You should then click on the add download button. Your data will be sent to a download page from where you can quickly download this files using IDM. In case you notice that your torrent is slow, you should check on it in the active tab.For new members who may want to create an account with Furk.net and they don’t have a Facebook account, they should first sign up to Facebook. There is no alternative way for creating this account without having to join facebook. Furk.net is entirely appropriate when you are downloading a huge file, the speed rate is usually moderate, around 600KBps on an average.


6 is zibigz down right now

FilesLoop is a good similar site like ZbigZ with its fast and free service. FilesLoop also offers premium account for its users. Many says it’s premium service is better than ZbigZ premium. With a premium account, you will enjoy downloads with no restrictions on the speed. When using Firefox Downthemall Addon, you will experience speed more than 20 MBPS. The best thing about this tool is that it is much cheaper that ZbigZ and also it is cheaper compared to the other ZbigZ alternatives. The premium version has a monthly, six month and an annual package. It is also characterized by a very appealing interface that enables you to download your torrent in a fast manner without any challenge. The interface is also responsive, meaning you can use you mobile or tablet to download your torrent, you will have to paste your magnetic link or upload .torrent link to your FilesLoop. This tool will cache the torrent and will upload the files to your personal filesloop account. From here, you are in a position directly download these file directly by your browser or by using your download manager.


7  how to download from zbigz

Bitport is another excellent alternative to ZbigZ. It gives you an efficient platform for caching and downloading your torrent file by use of your IDM or by use of DOWNTHEMALL Firefox addon. Before using this service, you will fast of all register with the primary site. Bitport usually gives you up to 2 GB of torrent download option for the free account. For the premium accounts, you will be able to download bigger torrents and experience unlimited downloading speeds and also an unlimited bandwidth. The Bitport’s servers are usually fast, and they are rarely overloaded. Its interface is very clean and responsive. You can easily use your mobile device, or computer to initiate a download. With Bitport, you can easily stream videos. Its dashboard is secure with antivirus checks; this means that all your downloads using this service will be safe. With only around $6 per month, you will enjoy unlimited download. The best feature of this service is the fact that you will get a 30 days money back if you are not satisfied with the services they offer. The download speeds for this platform are incredible. You definitely will enjoy using this platform.


8  zbigz down

This is another excellent alternative for downloading torrent file directly to your computer by use of internet download manager or by use of your browser. When using this service, all you need to do is to paste the .torrent link or the magnet link. A very neat option that Boxopus.com provides is that you can directly save your downloads into your dropbox account. Boxopus supports video and music streaming. This means that you can easily watch various torrent videos and music online. You will have to register with this site before you start using it.


This is another incredible online cloud storage platform thatcan fetch torrents from BitTorrents and stream them through your private 50GB online storage. This service allows you to be in a position of automatically following your RSS feed and store movies, videos and audios. This platform also supports both the free and premium account. With a premium account, you are in a better position of enjoying more features and quick downloading speeds. With a premium account, you are also in a position of enjoying DivX movies, without having to necessary download them to your computer.


Torrenthandler has a very simple interface. You will not experience any complexity while using Torrenthandler. All you need to do to download your torrents is to acquire your .torrent file, upload it by using add torrent on the torrenthandler account. An email will be sent to you instructing you how you will download your files. The best feature of this tool is its simplicity.


Bruzzy.com is characterized by high speed and a very responsive interface. Bruzzy is in Russian language, and you will need a Russian IP to download using this tool. It is worthy to note that this tool is incredible; check if Bruzzy started to operate in your country.

The above list includes only some of the best alternative to Zbigz.These alternatives have some features that are much better than ZbigZ but when you consider the overall efficiency,effectiveness, and a conducive platform ZbigZ is splendid.


 # Benefits of Using Zbigz:

For most torrent downloading software, they are characterized by slow downloading speeds, the great news is that by using ZbigZ a file less than 1GB can be downloaded within 1- 30 minutes. Of course this will depend on your internet speed but using a constant measure between ZbigZ and other downloading software, show that you are in a better position when you use ZbigZ.This might seem like the best advantage of this tool, but it is characterized by other benefits too which include:


At times, your favorite stuff might not be available in the network at that precise moment. When you are using other software, you will always be forced to login to see if the file has been updated. When you are using ZbigZ, the servers will always search for your files and when it becomes available, it will be downloaded for you and you will receive an email notification about this. All you will have to do at this point is to login to your account and download it.


To access and use the network, you will definitely have to use a software. Currently, there area large number of software available online. From this broad selection, you might face the puzzle of picking the best software among them. Although you might select a random one to try out, it could waste your time at the end of the day. With ZbigZ, you can avoid all this hustles. Everything has already been configured for you. On top of this you will not have to download any software.


When you are using BitTorent, you are usually open. This means that everybody within the network can see and note your activities. They will know what, when and how many download you have made. This isusually so because it is a major principle of BitTorrent. When you are using ZbigZ, you are shielded from all this. All your activities will be on behalf of ZbigZ. You will be anonymous; nobody will know what you are downloading and when you are downloading it.

Can download files in bulk

Zbigz can download files in bulk. Well, some other software might have this feature but their downloadingrate is affected on a massive scale. For ZbigZ especially when you have a premium account, you will enjoy the ability to download files in bulk without their speed being affected.

Works with any browser

ZbigZ has no restrictions to certain browsers. ZbigZ will readily work with any browser maintaining its speed across different browsers.

Supports download resume

This feature might be available in a couple of software; the duration of which the download resume might be effective is the differentiating factor. For most software, they will not support a download resume within a day or two. The free ZbigZ account support the1-2 day of download resume, while the premium version supports longer durations of download resume, this might be up to a week.

Personal account

With ZbigZ, you will have a personal account that you can use to readily store all your useful files in one location. For you to access these files, you will have to login to your account using the appropriate login information. This makes your files somehow private.

Above all these advantages, you get to choose between using Zbigz for free and even without registration. It is important to note that ZbigZ for free does not imply slow speed. It will download at relatively high speeds. The only difference with the premium version is that it has better features

How to use Zbigz

For those who don’t like installing software on their computers or their computers don’t support installing of programs but can allow downloading of files by use of a simple HTTP, they should try using ZbigZ. It has covered the use of BitTorrent for downloads, and it provides a faster method of downloading files in the browser. The following is the procedure for downloading torrent files using ZbigZ.

  • You will begin by downloading the.Torrent file that will be used or you can alternatively copy the link of the download.
  • Open Zbigz and copy the relevant link into the text area. If the file weredownloaded, you should select Upload. Torrent file
  • Press go, and two option for downloading will be displayed. This includes uses of the free version or the premium version. For those who have never created an account on this platform. This is the most appropriate time to do so. With an account, you can access your file from another computer. This gives you the ability to allow more than one torrent file to be added for download within a single moment.
  • Select on the Log in/Sign up button which if from the top menu.
  • Sign in with the “new member link” that will be displayed. Enter your email and password.
  • After this, you have created an account,and you can return to the text area where you may add another torrent file.
  • Whenever a file is added, the progress of downloading is usually displayed with a blue color that covers the whole dossier. When the download is ready ‘Catching complete’ will display next to the dossier. The speed of the download is usually displayed on the far right.
  • Click on the torrent name and you will be in a position to see additional information. This includes files that are contained within. If you have more than one file, you have the chance of choosing the particular file you want to download. You can either select the download button – this result in downloading the one file.In the event of the multiple files, the download button usually doubles as a zip button, this means your files are zipped in a folder and downloaded once.

It is worthy to note that downloading is done like another cases of HTTP download. When the download is complete; you can remove the torrent file from the queue by clicking on the trash icon. You will receive a confirmation message whether to remove the file.

Zbigz Premium or free

These are the two versions from which a user will select the appropriate version according to what he/she needs. The free version is usually enough for most users though for heavy users they should consider using a premium version. For a free version, there are two versions, this includes: A free account without a login and a free but registered account. The following are some of the features of the different accounts

A free ZbigZ account without a Login

1.       Hides your IP when you are downloading.

2.       Can support 1-3 simultaneous downloads.

3.       The downloading speed is usually 8GB.

4.       Has a download resume capability.

5.       Supports a rate of 150 kb/s while downloading.

6.       You are in a position of downloading torrents regardless of the set ISP protocol restriction.

A free but registered ZbigZ account

1.       You will have a personal account, which will enable you to receive email notifications for any complete caches.

2.       Has seven-day file retention.

3.       Can support two torrents in queue.

4.       Has some storage limits.

ZbigZ Premium account

1.       Supports a fullycached speed.

2.       Torrents are usually cached away from the site.

3.       You are in a position of streaming videos and music.

4.       Contains no ads.

5.       You have unlimited file storage.

6.       You have filed retention ability.

7.       You can queue unlimited numbers of torrents.

8.       You have unlimited downloading speeds.

9.       You have unlimited simultaneous downloads.

The premium version contains everything you would wish for in such a tool. There are usually different packages for this. There is a 30-daypackage, a six-month package, and a one year package. In the others category, there is even a five-day package. This package is specifically for those people who would like to try it out first before purchasing a larger package.

There is also the option of getting the premium version on a free basis. This is usually achieved by completing a survey or even buying the individual product by use of links that are provided. It is always advisable to try this before purchasing any version. It gives you the chance of seeing how it works.

A premium account is better than a free account but if you just need a quick download, maybe one or two, the free account is the better choice for you.


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