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What is ZbigZ?

ZbigZ is a gateway between massive data storage and you. It is an online tool that does not require any software installations.It supports its storage meaning you can store you file any digital content there. ZbigZ has gained popularity over the years due to its various features that make it stand out above other software. With the use of ZbigZ, you are in a position to download files by using internet download manager or even directly by using your browser.


At times, your favorite stuff might not be available in the network at that precise moment. When you are using other software, you will always be forced to login to see if the file has been updated. When you are using ZbigZ, the servers will always search for your files and when it becomes available, it will be downloaded for you and you will receive an email notification about this. All you will have to do at this point is to login to your account.


To access and use the network, you will definitely have to use a software. Currently, there area large number of software available online. From this broad selection, you might face the puzzle of picking the best software among them. Although you might select a random one to try out, it could waste your time at the end of the day. With ZbigZ, you can avoid all this hustles. Everything has already been configured for you. On top of this you won’t have to collect any software.


You will be anonymous; nobody will know what you are downloading and when you are downloading it.

Can grab files in bulk

Zbigz can grab files in bulk. Well, some other software might have this feature but their downloading rate is affected on a massive scale. For ZbigZ especially when you have a premium account, you will enjoy the ability to collect files in bulk without their speed being affected.

Works with any browser

ZbigZ has no restrictions to certain browsers. ZbigZ will readily work with any browser maintaining its speed across different browsers.

Supports download resume

For most software, they will not support a resume within a day or two. The free ZbigZ account support the 1-2 day of resume, while the premium version supports longer duration of resume, this might be up to a week.


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