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Who doesn’t like watercolor effects? A design presentation made with watercolor effects looks exquisitely beautiful and such a comfort to the eye. Here we are making a list of some nice and high resolution watercolor brushes for photoshop. Section a contains some awesome free photoshop watercolor brushes waiting for you to download right away. And section b contains  some premium photoshop watercolor brushes created by professional photoshop experts which you can buy. Let’s check these out-

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# Free watercolor brushes photoshop Addons

In this section, we are going to list some of the best free photoshop watercolor brushes. There are so many creative individual designers and websites that are creating beautiful watercolor brushes for photoshop and distributing them for absolutely free for all users. We randomly picked some of the bests for you – you can just go ahead and download right away.

1. WaterColor EXTREMUM

This nice free photoshop watercolor brushes are created and shared by env1ro on deviant art.


2. By So-ghislaine

Created by by So-ghislaine.

 By So-ghislaine

3. Watercolor Brushes Set 001

From whisperedstories.

Watercolor Brushes Set 001

4. Free Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

Free Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

5. Social Media Grungy Watercolor Brushes

Social Media Grungy Watercolor Brushes

6. Watercolour Brushes Set 2

watercolor brushes photoshop

7. Free High-Res  Set 2

Free High-Res  Set 2

8. From qbrushes

From qbrushes

9. Soft watercolor smudges free Photoshop brush set

Soft watercolor smudges free Photoshop brush set

10. Watercolor brushes for photoshop: Video Tutorial & Free Download

Watercolor brushes for photoshop: Video Tutorial & Free Download


# Premium Photoshop Watercolor Brushes


1. From SweetLittleMuse

From SweetLittleMuseThis collection contains 19 high resolution ABR brushes for photoshop along with some  photoshop elements. This nice set of hand painted photoshop watercolor brushes would be great tool to help you create beautiful blog headers, buttons, greeting cards, thanks giving cards, elegant logo etc. Created by SweetLittleMuse.

2. Watercolor PS Brushes

Watercolor PS BrushesTwo sets of watercolor brushes for adobe photoshop created by desenart.

3. Watercolor flowers brushes

Watercolor flowers brushesIf you are looking for nice watercolor flowers photoshop brushes, here is a nice set from Love&Muse. This set contains nine brushes along with bonus uch as various elements and Heart flower.

4.  Watercolor brushes photoshop bundle

Watercolor brushes photoshop bundleA big bundle filled with high resolution watercolor brushes photoshop- from previously mentioned desenart. Desenart combined many of their good deals in one single pack.


6. 22 Watercolor brushes Photoshop addons

22 Watercolor brushes Photoshop addonsThis large set of Big Blue Watercolor painted Photoshop brushes created by mcherevan includes 22 nice brushes and strokes in ABR format along with PNG files with watercolor elements on transparent background.


7. Mega Bundle from fanextra

Mega Bundle from fanextraIf you are trying to acquire a authentic water color presentation in your graphic works this mega bunle created by FanExtra can help you to do that. You wil get 30 high resolution watercolor brushes photoshop in total in this bundle.

8. Watercolor Stroke Brushes

Watercolor Stroke BrushesTo create great graphic works for web and print, jeffportaro created this cool set of watercolor brush strokes.

9. Scratch Brush Set

Scratch Brush SetAnother one by desenart, a bit different it seems.

10. 80 realistic photoshop watercolor brushes

80 realistic photoshop watercolor brushes80 different high resolution watercolor brush photoshop set from JuliyArt. With this set you can create beautiful and realistic painting works.

11. Water Color Arsenal Splatter Brushes

Water Color Arsenal Splatter BrushesAn awesome set from creative market shop Robyn Gough Designs, great thing is they have been featured in Photoshop Creative Magazine and Photoshop CC book! To give your creative projects an artistic touch, you can easily make use of these elegant brushes. You can also make various experiments with the set to maximize the versatility of this set. All the brushes will be found in large resolution along with some small ones.

 12. From Niram Factory

From Niram FactoryA great set of hand painted brushes made by Niram Factory. A great thing about this set is all the brushes are painted by the creator on real paper using watercolor and then scanned to made into these beautiful watercolor brushes. Purchase of this pack inclueds thirty plus nice brushes as Photoshop Brush File or .ABR file.

13. From 2 Lil Owls Studio

From 2 Lil Owls StudioA gorgeous set of hand painted photoshop watercolor brushes which includes fourteen large ones from 2 Lil Owls Studio.

14. 118 Handcrafted addon from Layerform

118 Handcrafted addon from LayerformA beautiful coolection of 118 watercolor brushes photoshop from creative market shop Layerform. Layerform is an online graphic design product and publication house run by UK based professional designer Eddy Biel.

15. Watercolor hearts

Watercolor heartsAn interesting ‘heart’ pack from Paper Cards design shop.

16. Watercolor Strokes Brush Pack 3

Watercolor Strokes Brush Pack 3Set contains brushes up to 5000 pixels in size, set of 25 high res stuff from Design Panoply.

17. Waters 1 Photoshop Watercolor Tools

Waters 1 Photoshop Watercolor ToolsWith this awesome set of pressure responsive toolset, you can easily create or mimic realistic watercolor paintings while having the realistic feel of working with the real brush and canvas. Created by GrutBrushes, the set comes with 10 different ones.

18.  36 Watercolor Paint Splodge PS Brushes

36 Watercolor Paint Splodge PS BrushesAnother awesome one from Robyn Gough Designs to create crisp and high detail paint splodges.

19. Texture Photoshop brush bundle

Texture Photoshop brush bundleBy Gemma Garner.

20. PS Brushes: Watercolor Feathers

PS Brushes: Watercolor FeathersBy Pixelwise Co.


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