Smokey affect Brush Set

While creating a great looking graphic work – either personal or professional task for clients – we often like to experiment with smoke trails. To do this we regularly make use of various sorts of smoke brushes in photoshop. Here we are listing some premium and free smoke photoshop brushes which you can collect or download and create beautiful smoky effects with your photoshop right away. You can create extremely simple yet elegant designs by using these smoke brushes photoshop addons.

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(Please check out section #A below for free brushes)

#Section B: Premium smoke brushes for adobe photoshop

** Dust, Powder and Particle Brushes (Most Popular)

Dust, Powder and Particle Brushes


A good deal from “Creative Graphics” – 35 High Resolution Realistic Powder, Dust and Particle Brushes for your Photoshop needs. The pack comes with two versions of smoke brushes; for hotoshop cs2-cs5 and photoshop cs6-cc.

Smoke & Fog Brushes for Photoshop by Uplift Actions

You can create an instant drama effect with these cool Smoke & Fog Brushes – created by Uplift Actions. These are created from real pictures of fog and smoke- to ensure you can create as much realistic effects as possible.

Smoke & Fog Brushes for Photoshop by Uplift Actions


1. Smoke brushes photoshop

 created by GrDezign Studio.In this pack you will get nineteen high quality smoke brushes photoshop addons – created by GrDezign Studio.

2. Digital smoke brush pack

Digital smoke brush packThis pack comes with twenty-four smoke brushes adobe photoshop addons in high resolution – 2500 pixel wide. This pack could be very helpful to create fairy details, for abstract artwork, smoky light effects and nice background textures or images. The pack is created by outlinez.

3. Fire Flames Brushes

Fire Flames BrushesAnother great set of smoke brushes photoshop from GrDezign Studio. This pack includes eight different fire flame brushes. You can easily create awesomely realistic fire flames using the brushes from this set.

5. 109 Abstract Smoke Art

109 Abstract Smoke ArtA great deal for photoshop smoke brushes lovers – 109 Abstract Smoke Art

created by SparkleStock. You can easily add amazing smoke effects to your creative works like image manipulation, logo/flyer/greetings card design and what not. Since this pack includes so many variations- your search to find the right kind of smoke smoke brushes for photoshop could easily end here.

6. 16 Fire & Flames Brushes

16 Fire & Flames BrushesA slick pack of smoke brushes photoshop created by creative market design shop stockgorilla. The pack includes sixteen Fire & Flames Brushes – you will get abr (Photoshop Brush File), psd, jpg, pdf (Tutorial on How to install photoshop brushes).

7. Lightning Brushes

Lightning BrushesCreated by GrDezign Studio, a good collection of 68 Lightning or thunder brushes for photoshop. You can create various types of lightning combination to your choice.

8. RM Smoke & Fire

RM Smoke & FireDrawing realistic fire could be complex and hazardous time to time. To make this task in photoshop quite simple – creative market shop Roman Melentyev created RM Smoke & Fire smoke brushes photoshop set. This dynamic smoke brush set will allow you to easily create fire smoke details with stylus and mouse. Features included in pack are- Smoke strokes (in *.abr file), Flame strokes (in *.abr file), Cloudy Smoke strokes (in *.abr file), Explosions (NEW) (in *.abr file), Additional Effects (in *.abr files), Colorize solution (NEW) (in *.abr files) and bonus.

9. 10 Large High-res PS Texture Brushes

10 Large High-res PS Texture BrushesThis pack created by Joiaco contains ten pices of gorgeous photoshop brushes which includes smoke brushes too.

10. 80 Photorealistic Fire Explosions

80 Photorealistic Fire ExplosionsA super mega collection of smoke fire explosion brushes for photoshop which includes a mighty 80 different of them (created by SparkleStock). Author of this brushes pack did his best to ensure users get pure photorealistic results. Author has also sugested this video on his product page : How to Add Explosions in Photoshop –

#Section A: Photoshop smoke brushes free download

 1. A Free High Quality Smoke Photoshop Brush Set

A Free High Quality Smoke Photoshop Brush Set

2. Glitter -n- Smoke Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

Glitter -n- Smoke Photoshop & GIMP Brushes


3. Smoke Brushes

smokey effects

4. Smoke Brush Set

Smokey affect Brush Set

5. Photoshop smoke brushes free download

Photoshop smoke brushes free downloadCreated by palnk.

6. BIG smoke brushes

BIG smoke brushes download freeCreated by doodle-lee-doo.

7. 21 Small Smoke Brushes

21 Small Smoky ps Brushes freeCreated by XResch.

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