how to clean laptop screen
how to clean your laptop screen

Step by step guide and great diy tips on How to Clean A Laptop Screen

Cleaning electronic devices requires some basic care. Because the equipments of the electronic devices are very much sensitive to chemical reagents, it may be damaged a simple mistake, by the fact that any damage may be occurring for irreversible work. Everyone knows how delicate a laptop is when it comes to maintenance. Used in the lounge over breakfast, coffee shops, parks, etc. powder and waste of our environment team stick like a flytrap in question.

Working on a home computer, and one of the most common questions is how to clean a Laptop screen. Because although at first glance may seem impractical, we are in front of a small electronic machine with multiple internal circuits and a very delicate screen, if it is not done with the appropriate components and skill, may break. Here we will walk through the answer to the question “how to clean laptop screen” to do it with an ease.

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Basics to Clean A Laptop Screen

how to clean laptop screen
how to clean laptop screen

Usually, the screens of laptop are made of special plastic that very easily scratched and do not allow harsh chemicals, sometimes not even wet wipes should not be used, therefore, we will explain how to properly clean your screens of laptop.

When we try to clear screen we must do it very carefully, because it is as I said, something very weak and sensible. In the case of laptops, especially the monitor is very sensible part of a laptop .Many users forget that the monitor or screen is more sensitive than other parts of the laptop, if they are not handled it correctly, it can be easily damaged. And damaged may suffer you most of the time.

Therefore, for proper cleaning of the monitor or screen of the laptop, we can follow the oldest and best known technique which is the one that works best that is use the water and a cloth. We can also use Detergents, ammonia, alcohol, removers for properly disposal of dust and fingerprints which is in screen.

Ideally, the user can uses microfiber cloths, then do not let those “hairs” that ordinary tissues release when they are passed by smooth and wet surfaces, and also marked the screen.

Many people prefer you some specific products like as spray bottle and a cloth etc, you can easily found these products on the market .These products may also help you to clean the screen of your laptop.

If you prefer to use other product, then you have free choice to apply other products but be careful do not applying the product directly on the screen. But you want to use these product then you have to use it in a proper way. You can apply them for a fixed amount, not higher than necessary. The first procedure and the right are to remove the excess powder, then wet the cloth and gently wipe the monitor.

Methods of Cleaning The Screen

If you want a laptop with the better display and want to see the screen without and dust and dirt specks attached you need to clean the screen daily. So you have to clean your laptop screen daily for better display support. To clean your screen you need to turn off your display power or turn off your laptop, so that you can clean it easily.

Method 1: Use a microfiber cloth

It will help you to make multiple passes through the screen. These cloths are antistatic therefore leave no residue or lint and also its softness prevents them from scratching the screen. If you are thinking that you have microfiber cloths at home and you’re going to use an old rag or anything, you are very wrong. Indeed, towels, tissues, kitchen towels or old T-shirts, always leave traces of lint, fibers, and not collect dust well, and they can scratch the screen. If you find a spot that refuses to be cleaned, you should make circular movements and do not rub too hard not to scratch the surface. You also can apply vinegar solution, so the stain can go more easily. And you can easily complete your work.


Note: Never utilize a napkin, paper towel, bathroom tissue or another paper item, since these are scratchy and will harm the screen.

  • A microfiber material is convenient for cleaning a wide range of screens and lenses.
  • Wipe the screen delicately with the fabric. Utilize one breadth of the fabric ought to deal with any dust and free particles on the screen. Wipe tenderly without applying much weight, following on the off chance that you press too hard you could harm the screen.
  • When you wipe with delicate roundabout movement, you’ll have the capacity to lift up a portion of the harder spots.
  • Never scour the screen, or you could cause pixel burnout.

Method 2: Use Cleaning Spray

Cleaning the outer frame. There are specialized sprays to clean what is the outer shell of the screen. But to be a tough side to almost everything, we recommend that you clean like any other appliance would be cleaned without fear of damaging it, but beware that no product falls on the screen. Beware those drops that slide. It is preferable to apply the product on the cloth and wipe over the screen. At the bottom, do not forget to clean the foot on which rests the screen. And at the bottom or side, you will find different buttons which always tends to accumulate dust and dirt.

DIY Cleaning Spray

DIY cleaning solution is very popular as it works great. The perfect arrangement is plain refined water, which contains no chemicals and is tender on the screen. On the off chance that heavier cleaning is required, an equal blend of white vinegar and refined water can likewise be successful.

  • Verify you utilize plain white vinegar, not apple juice vinegar or whatever other kind.
  • Refined water is superior to anything faucet water in light of the fact that it’s sans substance.
  • Producers no more prescribe utilizing any cleaners with liquor, alkali or any solid solvents on LCD screens.
  • Put the arrangement in a little atomizer bottle. This is the sort of shower container that you push from the top to get a fine fog, like an aroma bottle. Empty a percentage of the arrangement into the splash container and screw on the top. Try not to utilize this to splash on the screen itself, be that as it may. Apply a negligible measure of the answer for a microfiber material. Sans fiber material works best. Keep in mind not to utilize consistent fabric, since this could scratch the screen. Try not to douse the fabric; you simply need to get it sodden, which is the motivation behind utilizing the atomizer container to wet it.


  • A wet fabric can dribble or run when cleaning the screen and the arrangement can sob behind the bezel and forever harm your screen.
  • Take a stab at applying the answer for only one side of the material at once, to verify you don’t get it excessively wet.
  • Wipe the material against the screen in a round movement. Quick roundabout developments by and large dispense with streaks. Apply a delicate and even weight to the fabric. Utilize sufficiently just weight to keep the material in contact with the screen. Fare thee well not to press your fingers into the fabric or screen, since applying a lot of power when cleaning the screen can for all time harm the LCD grid and render your screen unusable.

For the cleaning issue in which a cloth is not enough, as there are some dust still remains of stains or other substances, then you should add some kind of soft cloth product. But to avoid damaging the screen, you can use a natural product. Vinegar is a good acetic acid to act on stains without damaging the surface of the screen.

Common Mistakes Done By People

Never utilize liquor or smelling salts construct cleaning liquid on your screen. We comprehend why numerous individuals use window cleaner on their screens, some top of the line level screen PC screens and HDTV sets have a pleasant lustrous glass screen. The issue, in any case, is that both alkali based cleaners and liquor based cleaners can strip hostile to coatings off screens, reason obfuscating, or generally harm the screen. Regardless of the fact that you have a reflexive glass screen, that screen is doubtlessly covered with things that aren’t as sturdy and synthetically safe as glass. Try not to hazard utilizing liquor or alkali based cleaning liquids.

The most ideal approach to clean your screen is to save your laptop screen from being dirty. This implies preparing your children not to crush their nibble secured hands against the screen of your laptop, and preparing your mate not to tap on the tablet screen with the stack of their finger to underscore what they’re attempting to reveal to you. The less you need to clean your screen the better, and things like skin oil and other stuck-to-the-screen stuff is such a great amount of harder to get off than basic things like dust particles. That said, in even the tidiest of family units, a touch of cleaning must happen occasionally.

  • Clean screen by hand is very common; however is a totally wrong technique. The force caused by the hand strength tends to damage the membrane and the LCD screen pixels. The results are those black and white dots that never disappear.
  • Another sign that a pixel is damaged is a yellowish appearance. A page that should be completely white is shown with some yellowish spots. This problem is not caused by a chemical reaction, but by poor handling.
  • If the damage has already been occurred, the only solution is to exchange the screen. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the repair may include the entire monitor and the cost will be higher than desired. In some cases, the price can reach 40% of the value of a Laptop.

Habits You Should Avoid While Cleaning Laptop Screen

how to clean a laptop screen
how to clean a laptop screen
  • Never straightforwardly wet the screen. Do not, under any condition, spray liquid cleaner straightforwardly onto the screen of the laptop. This fundamentally expands your chances of getting water into the machine, in this way making a short more probable. Just utilize water on the off chance that you apply it with a delicate material.
  • Try not to drench the fabric in water. A drenched material is more prone to dribble overabundance water into the machine, which could bring about genuine harm to your PC. On the off chance that you unintentionally utilize an excess of water, wring the material out well until it is just marginally soggy.
  • Try not to utilize normal cleaning supplies on your screen. The main cleaners alright for your screen are the light water and vinegar blend or an uncommon store-bought cleaner implied for LCD screens. Try not to utilize Glass cleaner, Dish cleaner and Soap.
  • Never scour your screen. On the off chance that you press too hard you can forever harm your tablet. Utilize a tender round rubbing movement when you clean your screen. Abstain from utilizing a brush or anything besides a delicate material to clean your screen.


  • Brasso, or whatever other arrangement which contains smelling salts, or some other dissolvable including CH3.2CO, will harm laptop screen.
  • Never utilize grating arrangements containing solvents on screens with ARAG covering/film.
  • Few CD/DVD repair liquids can be utilized to fill or cover up little scratches or scratches in the plastic-like first layer of against glare movies. This is on the grounds that a few liquids contain solvents and/or abrasives.
  • You can likewise utilize Pledge or some comparable wood finish: It will fill in the scratches on PC screens or CD’s. On the other hand, it will leave staining flaws, frequently more frightful than a scratch. Petroleum jam has the same impact, and is much harder to evacuate. Plastic model paste has irreversible negative impacts.

The best way to clean your laptop screen is to follow the above mentioned tricks. You can use existing products available in the market, but before buying any laptop screen cleaner, do not forget to read its review.


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