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The world of business at these present times requires to be engaged in the web. There are countless social networking sites existing on the web today. Among these popular networking sites, one is pinterest. For instance, that you have your own business, it is definitely beneficial and ideal on your part to get engaged with pinterest. Pinterest will be an effective marketing strategy for the business you have. The following are helpful stats that will help you in coming up with the decision of participating the world of pinterest. Read on!

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1Many are trusting

It is discovered that 81% of the entire online users of a certain country are trusting the information as well as the advices that are being provided for pinterest. It is apparent, therefore that there are countless people who keep their trust with the site.

2Average order

When it comes to the average order that is being put by the shoppers on pinterest is $169. Compared with the other social networking sites, pinterest has the biggest average order.

3Relevance of call-to-action

In order for your business to be more visible and increase in sales, it is ideal for you than to go with the idea of making a call-to-action. As a matter of fact, there is a 80 % increase when it comes to the engagement on interest once this option is being put into consideration.

4More likes

We all know that pinterest pins are being made and used in order to promote the products and services provided by your business. In relation to this, pinterest pins with costs, obtain 36% likes than those pins that have no prices.

5Customer’s satisfaction

We can’t deny the fact that there is a wide range of people who get engaged in the web in order to look and buy for the products that are being desired for. Upon using pinterest, it is found out that 69% of the online users have found the products that they are looking for the purchase to be made. This is due to the fact that there are several products and services that are being pinned on the site.

6Food-related content

There are various products that are being sold in the market. When it comes to the marketing strategy of using pinterest, it is necessary to make sure that the content is remarkable in order to catch the attention and interest of the potential buyers. In connection to this, it is discovered that there is 57% of pinterest users who pin, interact and even re-pin contents that are connected with foods.

7Mobile device

Mobile devices are typically used in pinning for the contents regarding the products and services of the businesses. When it comes to the mobile devices that are being used in pinning, 55% of them are iPads. There are numerous pinterest users who adhere with the idea of utilizing iPads in order to pin the content of the goods and services.


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