laptop running slow on windows

Different laptops are usually made using different hardware ability e.g. 2 GB RAM or 5 GB RAM.These usually differentiate the speed of laptops and it is worth noting before one starts to claim that their laptops are not running in a faster manner. If though you have owned a laptop over a given period of time, you have a higher probability of noting if your laptop has become slower. Basically as a laptop ages if tends to experience increases data, unused software among other factors which ultimately results to its reduced speed of operating. The following is some of this factors and solution to them.

laptop running slow on windows

Unwanted Programs

At time, you have software which you no longer require,this software end up using your storage space and memory. This ultimately leads to reduced speed of your laptop. The best solution is to uninstall these programs.This is done by using control panel

Temporally files

When your laptop is new, it does not have any temporally files stored in it ages lots of temporally files become stored in it. They reduce your computer space and also increase load on the memory. The best solution is to delete them. This is done using disk clean up.

Tidying your Desktop

Most people have a tendency of storing various folders on the desktop. This is usually for easier accessibility. Also people who regularly download various materials mostly end up storing them in the desktop. When your computer refreshes the desktop it will have to process all this files. You can correct this by creating on folder on the desktop where you can save all data which you require on the desktop

Background programs

Programs running in the background are usually a major cause of slow running of laptops. Removing or disabling any TSRs and startup programs is the best solution. Those running windows seven can easily have a better understanding of how their computer is being used.

Scan for malware and Anti viruses

In today’s world there has been an increasing number of malware and viruses. Malware and Viruses are a major challenge causing computer to perform in a slower manner. Having the right software and performing routinely scan is the right steps to eliminating this malware and antivirus.

Update windows and drivers

Always ensure that you have the latest windows update and driver in your laptops. Drivers are being designed to support faster functionality of laptops and if you don’t have them, your laptop is bond to continue performing in a slower manner

Memory upgrade and Hardware upgrade

If your computer is more than two years,then it is best if you add more memory.32-bit system should at least have 1 GB RAM while 64 bit have a 2 GB ram. Having a higher memory means that your laptop will not have to swap information stored within the memory.


Always ensure that your computer is not overheating, otherwise it will result in a reduction in the speed.

These are some of ways through which you can tackle your “laptop running slow” problem and increase the performance of the laptop.


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