linkedin marketing - how to use linkedin for business marketing

With no more than 11 years after going live on the internet, LinkedIn has been growing silently with a decent pace, never losing the control over their clutch, unalike from its fore running social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. The reason could simply be the fact that Linkedin concentrated more on the professional side than on the entertainment side. But then towards the end of decade, people started realizing the positives and usefulness of having a professional network on the internet (i.e. LinkedIn) with just absolutely no expense and started being active users on LinkedIn. Though it took a while long to find its way to the countries outside USA, it was always just a matter of time and it never lost its charm and aggressiveness all the while. So as the latest statistics suggest ( as of August 2014), LinkedIn is the 3rd most fastest growing Social Media in the world and their alexa ranking on a global basis goes as high as 11 on the list.

So as more and more people are joining LinkedIn and are building up their professional networks, the doors for marketing a product or a Company Page was finally opened to the public. Though the Facebook and twitter too has marketing and promotion services along with advertising and all those stuffs, LinkedIn stands out on the fact that it drives more of the target users to the product than a whole mix and match of audiences who might or might not be interested; for the reason being LinkedIn is strictly a professional network based, social media.

Now let’s go right into the topic!

Why Linkedin?

Well if you take the technology and innovations that are used in LinkedIn, it stands quite a several steps under Facebook and Twitter. But however the actual statistics suggest that for professional reasons, LinkedIn finds it easier to attract a person towards something that is posted on it than on Facebook or Twitter. The reason is LinkedIn’s newsfeed being a bit more authentic than the other two (hence LinkedIn gets an upper hand). As a proof of that, it has been seen by that more than 60% of the total referrals made to the homepages of corporate were that of the LinkedIn which constituted the 2/3rd of the total referrals while the Facebook being in the second place only made it to a rough of 15% of the total. And this stat came out as a result of a 2 year research by a news blog. It has also been noticed that more people are now Using LinkedIn for Marketing just the way they use Facebook.

linkedin marketing - how to use linkedin for business marketing

How to use LinkedIn for business Marketing?

Surveys and stats show that more and more people are starting to use LinkedIn for Business Marketing and have started Using LinkedIn for Marketing of products and company page promotion. Hence from a bunch of successful people who have made success stories through LinkedIn Marketing Strategy we have brought to you a set of simple and very effective tips for Using LinkedIn for Marketing and advices that covers the topics such as ‘how and when should you post an update on LinkedIn and how to make a your Company Page more attractive and moving. So let’s start out with some common thumb rules to make your Company Page moving and attractive.

Another bright side of LinkedIn is that it has that special trick of promoting a Company Page by keeping on asking questions about its followers and making them more and more interested in making the page active involuntarily apart from the efforts that you yourself put in for the Marketing on LinkedIn.

Company Page, Connections and Profile

1. Frequency of Posts

It has been seen from the stats that a company page that posts more often (like 20-30 posts/ month) would end up in getting followed and noticed by more people than a company that posts only lesser in number. The reason is that most of the users are fans of just scrolling up and down through the news feeds. Hence if they happens to see your Company Page name several times (not too much though), they’ll remember and notice your Company Page and that has a 30% more chances of reaching more audiences than that posted only lesser in number. To put it simple, let me give you a small common example, consider this number -999999989999999; you might not notice the 8 out of the numbers unless you are purposefully looking for it. But when there are more number of eights in the number 9998889888989899999, even though the number of 9s are still more than the number of 8s, you will notice the 8s just because they are more than in number than in the latter case. This is exactly how it works with the posts in a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy with frequency of posts.

2. Cleverly choose what you post, when you post and how you post

While posting in your company page (LinkedIn) make sure that you are doing it in a way that promotes the interaction and popularity of the company. While posting make sure that you don’t make a single error in the spelling or grammar of the contents and more over make sure that everything you post has a close relationship with whatever your product is. Using LinkedIn for Marketing has more positive effects if done in the perfect way.
Moreover avoid weekends and concentrate more on the Mondays and other weekdays for posting the important and major updates, as only a few people would get notice of the posts on the weekends, for the obvious fact that they are all out on a date or a function on weekends.
While you post always, make sure that you make it in the mornings or during the other peak times and not in the late afternoon, or in the evening, when people will be quite exhausted after their busy day’s work. Late night would also be a better option for Marketing on LinkedIn.

3. Keep your friends Close, and Enemies Closer

As an explanation to the above said famous dialog and its relevance in our current topic, let’s just first explain the first part of the phrase “Keep your friends close”.

Well it just means that always keep your followers active in the interactions on with you. If they have invited you for an event, do respond to their invitation. Keep track of all their activities on your page as well as others. Reply to their messages as fast as you can and always add new connections only if they are relevant to your business and if not you could make use of the Reply (don’t accept yet) and message them to make sure that whether or not they are relevant. Only a good Company Page administration would make it to the best of Using LinkedIn for Marketing.

Now the second phrase “Enemies Closer”. It just means that your business obviously will have one or more competitors; keep them closer. What you have to do is, keep track of their progress too, and if possible add them to your list as well. Because knowing their latest tricks and techniques will always do the best in order for you to get hands on newer ideas and at least keep your spirits higher. Make them more interested in the competition when you make good moves in the Marketing on LinkedIn.

4. Share Everything About Your Company that is helpful

When you are marketing on LinkedIn, make sure that your connections know all about your Company Page; because knowing your company means a lot in LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. In order for that what you should do is that, you should update your profile to its 100% completeness without even making a slightest mistake or skipping of the text boxes that are to be filled. Because pretty soon there will come a situation when in order to know everything about a company, you might need to check its LinkedIn profile.

5. Make Use of a variety of features of LinkedIn

According to the figures that were collected from among the activities of the LinkedIn users, it has been seen that most of the people (almost 50-55% of them) are interested in the Industry Insights and which is followed by the different latest updates of companies in different fields which constitutes 43% who are interested. Then again latest product launches and updates are also in the list of LinkedIn with most number of fans. Hence your company page could easily be promoted LinkedIn Marketing Strategy that involves contents that are created as Insights and company news.

6. Usage of Media and Creative Graphic Designs

Adding media to your Company Page increases the people visiting the page and makes it easy for Marketing on LinkedIn. Media and Graphic Elements make your page more attractive to an average user and thereby create more traffic to your company page. Moreover when you create profile always choose the right theme for the pictures you post on the company page.

7. Find out innovative ways to add more interaction to the page

You can add, share and like posts that would bring more interactions to your page with LinkedIn. Bringing traffic to your page would in turn bring more traffic to your corporate home page and that’s exactly a major way the LinkedIn Marketing Strategy works.

Now here we are, learning some tips about the Marketing on LinkedIn and understanding how we can practically use LinkedIn for Business Marketing. Let’s now move on to a more generalized perspective of how you can do Marketing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn as a Social Media

All these while we were discussing about how to manage your own Company Page and how to do Marketing on LinkedIn. But now we are on another mission; that is to take wider look on the Social Media Named LinkedIn as a whole. Now LinkedIn has grown up to quite the 5th or 6th largest Social Media in the whole of the world and from a corporate point of view, using LinkedIn for Business Marketing is far more useful than any other social media. Marketing on LinkedIn makes 50% better more success stories than that carried out on the rest of the social media such as Facebook and twitter.

The reason behind the better target accomplishment in Marketing on LinkedIn is that LinkedIn always has a professional and serious approach towards the posts that are being made on the website while the others are to be concentrated more on the entertainment as well as the news circulation motives. Both these are different when it comes to the circulation of the right content; because a content that is posted by a company page is more important than that posted by an individual, while the other social media only gives it same priorities unless any paid promotions are made in order for the promotion of the content. In this way LinkedIn for Business Marketing pays off more easily than the same done on the other social media.

It’s always more comfortable and suggestible for a company or a business firm to start using LinkedIn for Business Marketing, for the LinkedIn being a specialized or a specifically designed for corporate network management, would weigh more on the scale of to the point marketing and not just increasing its reach to a bunch of people who might or might not find them useful. A professional network in the LinkedIn helps you to get your hands on the best of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

What does Statistics and Predictions Tell about LinkedIn?

Analyzing the last year’s statistics count, we have seen quite some very surprising facts that the number of Facebook Users have gone down by around 2-3% and that of the Google+ from around 2%, same with YouTube and other social media while the took over the first place and earned the position fastest growing social media of the year. While Instagram found its position in the second place, the LinkedIn without much effort made it to the third. So regarding the first two social media, it’s quite obvious that they being mostly meant for entertainment has nothing much to offer you but time pass and fun. While the LinkedIn being a social media for managing the professional networks, it quite is a big thing what they have attained. Because after all, entertainment is what the 70% of the internet population is interested in. Hence, it is worthy to be mentioned that LinkedIn would not lose its position in the recent future and it has all the positives that could keep it climbing upwards, while the others has that chances of going down on demand any minute.

For this reason too, it is very much secure and suitable for you to base your Marketing and Company Page promotion on LinkedIn.

Moreover according to the analysts and marketing geniuses, LinkedIn could emerge as one of the most powerful Social Media of the decade and might never lose its position until something even better and even bigger comes up.

How to Successfully Manage Your Page?

LinkedIn has plenty of options that make it very comfortable to manage your company page and helps you to use LinkedIn for Business Marketing in a very comfortable way. If you are the admin of your Company Page, you can easily keep track of how your company page is being used to promote your business and company’s name. LinkedIn has created an absolutely very helpful analytics engine along with several other features. These features would help you company page management very suitable for successful application of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

View Page Insights

The admin of the page has the permission to view the details of the basic visits on the Company page and he also has the access to a bunch of demographics and statistical data and analysis reports that helps to know how well is your page performing for the given time. He can also have a look on how the posts by the company page are performing since they were posted.

Now the admin can do something outside the LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, that is, Motivate the employees of the company to use the name of the company in the posts they share and to mention the company’s name in their activities and more importantly share the company’s posts and like them just to accelerate the reach of the posts of the page. LinkedIn, just like other Social Media, makes a very intelligent and helpful analytics engine that would makes the best out of LinkedIn for Business Marketing.

LinkedIn and Security

LinkedIn is very much like any other social media in case of the security and privacy of any of its members and page admins. It has been a notable factor that, no major security breaches has been reported in LinkedIn in the recent times like that has happened with the other social media sites. Hence for a corporate, LinkedIn would be the more suggestible than any other.

So what are we to discuss again regarding LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and Linkedin for business marketing?

Even though we have already discussed the different LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, there are still plenty of undiscovered methodologies and features that are yet not made use by the users and experts. Moreover LinkedIn team should be working each day to bring something new, hence developing new ideas and finding out new ways of on how to put use of LinkedIn for Business Marketing. Let’s hope for the best outcomes and if you know better ways of Internet Marketing on LinkedIn. Just let us know!


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