Resume accomplishments examples for better resume

Practical Resume accomplishments examples

It is very vital for all job seeker to list all their accomplishment in their resume. Most hiring managers are looking for somebody who has achieved something significant in their former company. Past accomplishments can be an indicator of future accomplishments; this is what a good number of hiring manager think. Though this is the case, it is usually difficult for job seekers to differentiate duties from accomplishments. Duties are what you did at a particular organization while accomplishment is how well you did. Duties enable the hiring manager to gauge the scope of your role while accomplishments go a step further to illustrate your ability to complete a given task.

Resume accomplishments examples for better resume

It is very crucial, that job seekers list all their accomplishment. They paint a vivid picture of the impact you brought to a certain task. It is common for candidates to have problems of quantifying their success – from asking how many or how much to comparing your work annually.You can easily avoid this challenge by listing all your duties, and from each of them ask yourself if there is evidence that this was done in the right manner and the level of success you achieved while performing this task.

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If for example, you are a program manager at an after school activities for the teens, one of your duty can be recruiting and retaining participant. Ask yourself if there is evidence that this work was done successfully and some of the things you did to make this happen.

To be in a position to write resume accomplishments in the right manner, you will require to read a couple of resume accomplishment examples, this will give your ideas of how you will write your own resume accomplishment in the right manner. You will still have to consider a variety of tips which are essential when writing your resume. These includes the following-

1. Keeping the resume accomplishment story brief

Hiring manager don’t have sufficient time to go through all your resume accomplishment,keep it short, experts suggest that it should be about two or one sentence. Some of the resume accomplishment examples which have met this tip include:

  • Coached 5 teams to championship.
  • Received a score of 70 on standardized exam.
  • Managed companies budget of 50 million.
  • Trained 78 employees.
  • Boasted earning by 5 million, which equates to 20%.
  • Achieved company’s goal by raising the profits by 23 million which equates to 31%.

2. Be authentic and truthful

You should make sure that you are completely truthful about your accomplishment on the resume; you should remember that a resume is a statement of facts. Most fresh job seekers are very likely to scratch the truth; this will probably hunt you in the future. Some example of resume accomplishment which reflects this tip-

  • Save company $ 1 million by motivating the team to beat software conversion within two weeks.
  • Doubled revenue to $2.3 million,resulting in regional consistency which represented up to 40% of distribution revenue.
  • Doubled cable production to 90%, this boasted the company profits by $1.2 million.

3. Always pack your resume with accomplishment

Many experts have argued those resumes are accomplishment driven. All you accomplishment no matter how small they may seem should be included. Most hiring managers are seeking for an employer who can produce results. You need to list all your result and accomplishments.Performance related reference would boast your resume. Some of the accomplishment for resume includes:

  • Achieved 20% reduction in development time, this resulted to a 12 % reduction in development cost by directing development and implementation of operations.
  • Led the team to increase recycling rates up to 50% on annual basis, this achieved 100% compliance during inspections.
  • Saved $24 yearly by incorporating additional functions with no staffing increase.
  • Won manufacturer certification for new process by reverse-engineering the procedure.
  • Attained a fast-track promotion, through a series of increasingly responsible positions.

4. You can consider depicting your accomplishment by using a graph or a chart

You can show how your input in a particular project led to increased profits over the number of years when you were there. Charts are best used on paper. Print version on your resume can not be clear particularly when the employer is using tracking software.

5. Consider writing a professional resume

Resume writing is more about strategy more than actual writing. To compliment your accomplishment on the resume, you should ensure that your resume has a strategy that will emphasize your overarching accomplishment and does not dwell much on your more difficult task. Some of the resume accomplishment example which depicts this tip includes:

  • Exceeded plan for growth achieved revenue of $90 million within two years while maintaining high profit levels.
  • Boosted sales from $450,000 to $2.6 million.
  • Spearheaded 45% cost reduction by leading hardware redesign of access control system. This resulted in improved reliability, performance and additional features.
  • Led development of process-control instrument that completed 40 % as an industry leader by developing cutting-edge products.
  • Played a key role on a team that successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification.

Specific resume accomplishment example for specific careers include the following-

1. Teacher

Drastically increased pass rate of seventeen grade students from 60% to a record high of 95%

2. System Administrator

Integrally involved in seamless migration of 1000-plus users from a variety of local servers onto DCS corporate UNIX server in aggressive two weeks’ time frame

3. Administrative Assistant

Improved office efficiency and customer service by overhauling previously haphazard filling system

These accomplishments for resume example should only be used as an example. If you keenly look at these examples, you will have a better idea of creatively designing your accomplishment statement in the right manner and format. Copying a resume accomplishment exactly how it appears on the web or various source is not the right step. This resume accomplishment example may not fit well with your resume. These examples are only meant to be a guide of how you can creatively come up with yours.

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