Blood Marks for photoshop cs

12 Horrible Blood Brush Photoshop Add-ons

If you are planning to design something that looks horribly scary, then blood brush Photoshop Add-ons are a must option to think about! Not only horrible, with these 15 blood brush Photoshop addons you will be able to design thousands of realistic items.

1. Glossy Blood Splatters (premium)

Get the ideal blood splatter with 50 varieties for you to browse. Fluid tempera aesthetically splattered on semi-smooth paper then quickly captured for a shiny look.

blood brush photoshop

2. Annfrost.Stock blood brush photoshop addons

This blood brush set comes with some awesome brushes that you can use for different purposes. It is a collection of 10 blood brushes. The pixels of the brushes ranges from 1000 pixels to 1600 pixels.

Annfrost.Stock blood brush photoshop addons


3. Blood Marks

Blood marks come with some watery effect. This effect is very light just like fresh blood with water. You can use these brushes for watermark as well. You can utilize this brush pack – Blood Marks – for ridiculous characteristics of other paint/watercolor impacts! Pack contains 20 HQ brushes, determination around 2500px, brushes perfect with PS 7 and up!

Blood Marks for photoshop cs


4. Blood and Splash (premium)

This brush set is designed by TrueMitra Designs. Comes with some extraordinary brushes. Best for all types of Photoshop versions.

Blood and Splash blood brushes photoshop


5. Ava Blood Brush

This set of photoshop blood brushes comes with some lighter and darker blood marks that you can use for any purposes.

Ava Blood Brush


6. Blood Thirst

These blood brush Photoshop ad-ons are great and very realistic. User will love the design of each brush. All the brushes comes with high resolution.

Blood Thirst brushes


7. Dried blood brushes photoshop

These brushes were made with watercolor on very lightweight paper. If you need the look of dried blood, then you can use these brushes to design something similar.

Dried blood brushes photoshop


8. 14 Blood Brushes photoshop

All these 14 brushes are excellent for the Photoshop designs. Best for all types of Photoshop versions. These will give a nice and live look for the designs. These brushes are designed by KeReN-R.

14 Blood Brushes photoshop


9. Blood5 (premium)

These awesome 5 blood brushes are designed by All Rounder. From light to dark different types of blood brushes are available with this collection.

Blood5 (premium)


10. 13 blood and splatter

This brush set collection is designed by Dead_Brushes.  This blood brushes are suitable for PS 7 to any lower version of Photoshop.

13 blood and splatter


11. Blood Brushes by Falln-Stock

These blood brushes are designed by Falln-Stock. They don’t work in PS 7 or lower – they were made with Photoshop CS*. They are allowed to utilize for free. Just you have to give the designer its credit for making them in the portrayal of your photo with a connection back to Falln-Stock. Try not to claim them as your own, or redistribute them.

Blood Brushes by Falln-Stock


12. Blood Brushes 02

An extraordinary brush set. An abundance of thanks go out to KeReN-R for giving the dsigner a chance to change over these brushes for Gimp. All remarks Favorite Suggestions ought to go to the original creator. All credit for the formation of these brush goes to KeReN-R.

 photoshop blood brushes



# Blood Brush Related Other Resources:

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2) A very nice and descriptive TEXTY tutorial from tutplus “Create Your Own Blood Spatter Adobe Photoshop Brush“.


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