Resume length Guideline 2015

What should be the Resume length Guideline 2015

The debate on resume length is still continuing and it seems not to be solved soon.different employers always seem to have a number of how many pages a resume should be. Should it be one, two or three pages? Should a fresh graduate and a person with over five years’ experience have the same number of pages? This and similar questions are never ending. The best solution to all this is to have the knowledge of what to include and take off on your resume. The following are some of the things to include and also some to take off

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Resume length Guideline 2015

What to include

1. Career summary

This is that part of your resume which summarizes your experience and skill. It states who you are and what you will deliver if given the chance.

2. Education

For fresh graduates, it is essential that they include there education details. This includes degree (s) names of school(s) and location(s).if you graduated more than five years ago it is not necessary to include the years of study.

3. Awards

These are recognition for something which is important. These are really important and should always be on your resume. They will play a part in the hiring manager seeing the picture of what you can achieve.

What to consider taking off:

1. Community activities

If you have done voluntary jobs which are related to thejob in question, you should consider including them but if these jobs were not related to the position you are applying for, consider leaving them out.

2. Coursework

For fresh graduates it is always recommendable to include relevant course work. If you have been working for a while this information is better when left out of your resume.

3. Skills

Most people have a number of skills. When writing the skills section, you should ensure that you only note those skills which are useful to the job. Leave out skills which are not relevant to the job in question.

A majority of experts have concluded various length of resume depending with the experience level one has. The following is their conclusion:

  1. College graduates

College graduates who have not had any job experience should limit their resume to one page. They have not gained relevant experience to justify a more than one page. Most hiring manager want to see how useful you can be to their organization hence be brief and state your skills in the right manner.

  1. Job seeker with 5-10 experience

This is particularly those who have 5-10 years or more experience. Their resume should be large enough to include a variety of these experience particularly if the involved part shifted jobs. It is recommended that their resume should have two pages.

  1. Executives

They are expected to write three to four pages resume. They have to include their long track records of effective accomplishment among other useful accomplishment. Job seekers at this level are required to clearly state their achievements in their give field of profession.


# You can always compliment you short resume with your LinkedIn profile and indicate it as a point of reference. This formula has actually been used by a big number of professionals.

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