What is a combination resume format, definition, example

All about combination resume format and its definition

What is a combination resume format, definition, example

A combination resume is a resume which combines reverse-chronological and functional resume formats. Your employment history is usually listed in chronological order. When using this format, you can highlight skill which you have acquired in previous jobs and are relevant to the job you are applying. A chronological work history is preferred by lots of employers. A combination resume is sectioned into parts. The first part is very similar to a functional resume in the sense that it highlights your achievement, skills and qualification.

The second part usually depicts the time line of work history which you have experienced. Using a chronological resume has a couple of benefits, this includes: the first part will capture the attention of your employer or recruiter; highlighting your skilled and capabilities, it also supports the first part with an account of prior work experience which was gained in certain industry. After the second part of the combination history, a complete listing of each section is included.

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Having the right knowledge on how to effectively write an appropriate resume is very important.

The following are some of the format of writing a combination resume in the right manner:

Name/contact information

Just like most resume the first step is to start with a banner which includes the name of the writer and also his/her contact information. This includes street address, email address and also telephone number.


This section contains a table which has the writer’s educational background. Currently a majority of the job listing are providing the required or desired level of education. Usually this information is deemed as important by individuals who are screening applications which have been sent. It is always best to place this information upfront in the document. This is to make the work of the hiring manager easier and fast. This section usually depict a job seeker as either qualified or unqualified.

Honors/certification/licenses held

This is usually the third part of a resume. It contains bullet list of the certificates,educational honors or any professional licenses held by the applicant .e.g. a certified public accountant can include this information in his/her resume.

Career achievement

This section basically contains a bullet listing containing the most significant accomplishment of an applicant. Listing of career achievements, skills and knowledge usually adds to the overall attractiveness of this format. Example of a career achievement can include: developed an accounting application which is used in start-up business, this reduced the number of accounting data error by 70%.

Work experience

This is usually the final part of the resume. It usually contains a listing of all prior work experience. This section is usually identical to the section which appears in a chronological resume. Since this document is like a personal advertisement, it is always important to choose a style which will showcase strength and reduce the appearance of weakness.

Basically combination format more or less looks like the example given below:

John James
579 Rosewood Lane
Colorado Springs, CO 44707
(960) 555-1212

Job Objective: project manager with a focus on training and organization.

Summary of qualification

  • Self motivate and organized skill in performing tasks and paying attention to details to achieve project goals.
  • Clear communicator with the ability to create interactive training for different audiences.
  • Dedicated team player who is committed to only providing high-quality support and excellent problem solving skill at all organizational level.

Relevant Accomplishment

2013-present,Executive assistant president, AGT corporation Baltimore

  • Carried out research and recommended specific vendor for improvement of facilities which resulted to reduction in cost and a more efficient operation.

2009-2013 Executive Assistant, RTY, INC Baltimore

    Project Management

  • Planned and implemented a successful organization of the reliant planning of work schedule which included an overall event coordination of 85 participant.
  • Coordinated logistic for video conference and also offsite meeting among various among national GMO offices, this included travel, accommodation, equipment and presentation of material.

Training and communication

  • Provided executive support and confidential to president. I handled member and provided concern with diplomacy and followed through to ensure resolution where met.
  • Trained,motivated and supervised administrative assistant to senior VP.

2008-2009 Administrative Director,West Coast resource CA

  • Supervised administrative staff and facilitated orientation for the new hire and independent contractors.

Community service

Traine, Association chair, service unit director CA

  • Coordinated annual training event for 1000 adults, this was as part of BCSC discovery.
  • Recruited and trained volunteers in program concerning delivery and leadership.

Professional Development

Maryland trainers conference 2004-07

Train the trainer week seminar,Baltimore Girl scout council,2004.

The combination format method basically has a number of advantages. These includes the following:
  1. In the case of a new job shaker with little or no work experience,this format allows the writer to showcase their skill before writing a short work experience.
  2. For someone who has worked with a certain company for a long period of time, the combination resume will allow the reader to clearly see skill which he/she has accumulated while at that position.
  3. When a writer is making a radical career change,this format is best since it places emphasis on achievements and skills first. This is rather to pointing out a big change in a career path.
Though this format has a couple of advantages, it also have a few disadvantages, such as:
  1. If an applicant has been switching jobs in a frequent manner, the chronological portion of this format will highlight the changes. This will also show the gaps in a certain employment work history.
  2. When the job seeker has irrelevant experience or a career path which would seem illogical, the chronological part of this resume will highlight this issues.
  3. when someone is trying to hide their age,this combination gives a potential employer information to get a rough idea when one was born.

To be noted, Combination resume format is usually considered the best by a majority of people. Hope you found your answer to the question “What is a combination resume?”, do let us know your thoughts on comments section!


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