My laptop got wet what to do

How to fix a laptop that got wet

My laptop got wet what to do

Functionality of laptops is very crucial for different people. At one time or another accident are bound to happen e.g. water spillage on your laptop, with the right knowledge, you can easily apply measure which will reduce the effects of this accidents. Many people continuously ask this question online- “My laptop got wet -now what should i do?”  A particular accident of interest is liquid spillage on your laptop. Liquids and electronics are usually a bad combination. Depending on the type of and also the amount of liquid, you can be in a position to reduce the damage. The following will include some of the steps to take when a liquid spills on your computer.

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Step 1

how to fix a laptop that got wet

Immediately after the liquids poured on your laptop shut down your machine. Time is of the most importance. The longer your laptop is connected to power the more the damages happens. Don’t bother to save an ongoing project. Pull the adapter code and immediately remove the battery.


Unplug all other periphery the likes of mice and wireless cards.

Step 3

Turn your laptop upside down. This will prevent the liquid from soaking deeper into the laptop.

Step 4

Ensure that you clean the spilled liquid. You can do this by using a lint-free paper towel or even a clean cloth

Step 5

Some laptops usually have a spill-resistant keyboard. Pour out the liquid which is contained in the keyboard enclosure. Also remove and clean an easily removable keyboard.

Step 6

Clean the sticky residue. Mostly when a liquid pour into your keyboard it leaves a sticky residue. This makes tying difficult and not comfortable when typing. Use a lint-free cloth which should be slightly wet.

Step 7

Insulate yourself from static discharge, static damage can result to damage of your computer. You should practice measures to avoid destroying a laptop with an electrostatic discharge

Step 8

Take apart the case. At times you may be forced to take apart the case. This is especially if you can’t clean the whole spill. Some spill can cause damage to the circuit board. Some people may not feel comfortable taking apart their laptop apart. Take it to a specialist and he/she will do it for you. You or he/she should remove all cards and drives.

Step 9

Remove dry residue;use a lint-free cloth to remove any non-water stains which might have remained in the keyboard. You can use a compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to remove away the residue.

Step 10

Rinse off any remaining residue. If the liquid which poured on the laptop is anything rather than water, it becomes necessary to rinse it. You can use water to rinse it. Most circuit board handle water as long as they are not powered. Many people though refer to use deionized or distilled water. You should rinse it as much possible but be careful not to use excessive water.

Step 11

Let the laptop dry. Make sure the laptop dries completely.

Step 12

Reassemble the laptop

These are some of the steps to carry out when liquid pours into your laptop. Also check out the resources below for further assistance:

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